Predicting the crowdedness of trains and improving decision-making

After almost twenty online events since our last in-person event — a highly successful healthcare hackathon weekend in February, 2020 — we were extremely excited to organize an in-person event again on the 25th of January. We continued our tradition of hosting them at Xebia in Amsterdam, who generously offered not only the location but also free pizza and drinks.

We had two fantastic speakers: Tjebbe Hepkema talked about his work at NS on predicting the crowdedness of trains, while Alexander Beyer from Vox Pop Labs talked about using decision intelligence tools in the areas of voting and higher education.

Image of speakers

We also had a fantastic audience, with over 50 people attending, eager to engage and exchange ideas. In fact, the participants had so many thoughtful questions about the work presented that the event ran 30 minutes over.

Overall, our first in-person event in almost three years was a resounding success! We are planning to organize many more such events in 2023. If you know somebody who does impactful work in the data science for the social good space and would be interested in giving a talk, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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