CorrelAid Netherlands is a nonprofit organization that connects data scientists with organizations that do good. We have a network of over 300 data scientists in the Netherlands and over 1500 abroad that are eager to volunteer their time and expertise to help nonprofits with their data challenges. We started in 2018 as the Dutch chapter of CorrelAid. In 2020, Andrew, Fabian, and Yiran officially founded the Stichting CorrelAid Nederland.

Our core activity is to engage in 3-6 month long projects where a team of our data scientists works with an organization pro bono. We have completed a number of projects successfully since our inception. We also organize events such as hackathons and meetups.


Our goals are three-fold:

1. To create a diverse community of data scientists in the Netherlands who want to use their skills to advance the social good. We want to create a platform where collaborations can emerge organically, and where our volunteers can learn from each other and help each other.

2. To create impact by working with nonprofit organizations, utilizing the power of data and data science to further their societal contribution. We are providing a high-quality volunteer data science workforce and aim to become a well-known part of the Dutch non-profit ecosystem.

3. To empower the nonprofit sector to work with their own data. Systematically relying on skilled volunteers for data challenges is not sustainable. The projects give organizations a taste of what is possible with data and give us an opportunity to facilitate the continuation of the organization’s data journey after the project is done.

Are you an NGO that is interested in what we have to offer? Then head over here and get in touch! Are you a data scientist interested in applying your skills and joining our community? Then head over here and have a chat with us! Do you want to see what events we have coming up? Then head over here.

Core Team

Andrew Sutjahjo | Chairman

During his masters in Neuroscience, Andrew started up an NGO and tried to build an orphanage in Kenya. Two years in, he failed and vowed to build up his skillset and network to try to do good again once he had more experience. He has since then worked as a data scientist at Capgemini, United Wardrobe, and Utelly, specializing in NLP, Search, and Recommendation Systems. After seeing how much more impact we can have with data, he’s switched from building orphanages to building models for good. You can hear Andrew's story and learn about the type of work we do at CorrelAid Nederland here.
Contact: andrew@correlaid.nl, .

Fabian Dablander | Secretary

Fabian received his Masters degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Tübingen, Germany, and is currently doing his PhD at Department of Psychological Methods at the University of Amsterdam. He works on topics related to Bayesian testing, causal inference, and early warning signals for tipping points. Besides academic things, he is excited about initiatives that use data for the social good. Fabian is also deeply concerned about the climate emergency and is involved in various initiatives on that front. You can hear Fabian's story and how CorrelAid Nederland got started here.
Contact: fabian@correlaid.nl, Website, , .

Alexis Gillett | All Around Fixer

Alexis got involved with CorrelAid as way to put his existing data (science) and management skills to a positive use. He originally moved to the Netherlands for a PhD in Probability Theory and has since had a somewhat nomadic career encompassing energy, finance, management, consulting and, of course, data science. He is particularly keen on evidence-based decision making and how the right perspective and information can reduce complex problems to straightforward ones.
Contact: alexis@correlaid.nl, .

Mehrzad Karami | NPO Engagement

Mehrzad received his Masters in Artificial Intelligence back in the time when AI was not that common in The Netherlands. As part of the first groups of students who did a full AI study in the Netherlands, he joined the early adopters of AI and took the challenge of bringing practical AI to the endeavors of everyday life. He has currently taken the challenge of bringing the power of collaboration to the scientific world by building digital solutions based on AI and Data Science. Mehrzad joined CorrelAid with the goal of making this blue planet a better place for everyone, helping NGOs harness the power of Data and Data Science. With a strong passion for collaboration and people, Mehrzad's everyday reminder is: Live, Love, Explore, and challenge your excuses everyday!
Contact: mehrzad@correlaid.nl, .

Anastasiia Kulakova | NPO Engagement

Anastasiia learned about CorrelAid through a meet-up hosted by our community. Now, in addition to contributing to one of our project as a data for good volunteer, she's on the look out for speakers to continue our meet-up series that got her excited to join us in the first place! Anastasiia holds a master's degree in Applied Mathematics and has utilised her skills in a number of data science projects in retail and energy domains. In her work, she is focused on productionizing data science models, as she believes that data brings most value when it improves and automates decision making continuously. Anastasiia takes inspiration from doughnut economics and hopes that her work with CorrelAid contributes to a more sustainable and just world!
Contact: anastasiia@correlaid.nl, .

Selin Topel | NPO Engagement

Selin joined CorrelAid Nederland because it brings two of her favorite things together: working with data, and volunteering for organization whose efforts advance social good. Selin did her bachelor's in psychology with a minor in business in Turkey where she is originally from. She is currently working as a PhD researcher at the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University, where she investigates how people learn and make decisions under uncertainty by modelling human behavior and brain responses. While she was volunteering for non-profit organizations before the pandemic, after the start of the pandemic she decided to put her skills she gained through her research training to use as a volunteer. As a part of CorrelAid team, she aims to contribute to organizing events for the CorrelAid Nederland community and help expand the reach of the organization.
Contact: selin@correlaid.nl, .