CorrelAid Netherlands YouTube Channel

We have started to record our online events to upload them to our YouTube channel. The events usually feature one or two speakers giving a short talk, with discussion afterwards. We occasionally also have community events, where people from the CorrrelAid Netherlands community can present their work, or events with multiple NGOs.

Here is a list of previous talks that we recorded:

  • Jan Zheng & Jessica Sacher | Data and collaboration to defeat antibiotic resistance [Link]
  • Godfrey Takavarasha | Connecting people and data to improve lives [Link]
  • Johan Frijns | Tracking and ditching fossil banks after Glasgow [Link]
  • Fabian Dablander | Understanding and preventing climate breakdown [Link]
  • Crowdfight | Catalyzing Scientific Collaborations [Link]
  • George Kamiya | Digitalization, energy, and climate change [Link]
  • Javier Garcia-Bernardo | Which countries are tax havens? [Link]
  • Federico Franciamore | Re-Forest-ER: Integrated agroforestry monitoring, conservation & management [Link]
  • Jacopo Margutti | Addressing vaccine misinformation using data science [Link]
  • Kate Dodgson & Prithvi Hirani | Ethical AI for humanitarian aid [Link]

Here is a list of previous community or multiple NGO events that we recorded:

  • Data science experiences at CorrelAid Netherlands [Link]
  • Using data to conserve nature and stop wildlife crime [Link]
  • Data Science in the wild: Four lightning talks [Link]

If you are interested in presenting your or your NGOs work at one of our future events, please get in touch with Fabian.